Growing up in Belfast’s booming backyard of musical excellence, Tomas has been educated and cultured by a long list of well-established talent sculpting and shaping the electronic dance scene of Ireland. Once a resident of Belfast prestigious and prolific Precious nightclub Tomas has a mutual understanding of how to satisfy and surprise a dancefloor.

It was within Precious that Tomas honed his skills and developed his distinctive style. His ability to seamlessly blend genres and create unforgettable moments on the dance floor quickly caught the attention of music enthusiasts. Throughout his career, Tomas has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry. He has supported esteemed artists such as Anne Savage, Lisa Lashes, Greg Downey, Bryan Kearney, Paul Webster, Technikal, Andy Whitby, Kidd Kaos, BK, Pickup & Rise, Cosmic Gate, Remo-Con, Lisa Pin-Up, Gleave Dobbin, Mandy Reid, and Mal Black.

Collaborating with these talented individuals not only enhanced Tomas’s reputation but also contributed to his ever-evolving musical journey. Tomas’s talents and expertise as a DJ have taken him beyond the borders of Belfast. He has graced the decks of prominent venues such as The Matrix in Dungannon, Lavery’s in Belfast, Kode in Aberdeen, Vaults in Dublin, and Melt in Lurgan. These appearances allowed him to connect with diverse audiences and further expand his reach as a performer.

In addition to his impressive DJ career, Tomas has also played a vital role in organizing events for various renowned brands. He has been a featured artist at Frantic, Planet Love, Juiced, Bits N Pieces and Concept Ireland, showcasing his versatility and ability to cater to different audiences and musical preferences.

His perseverance, dedication and will to succeed in the industry has been evident in his many projects and early works of production which has inspired Juiced Digital, a self-managed label to showcase new and established talent, which has received support from Giuseppe Ottaviani, Dave Pearce, Solarstone, Paul Clark and Adam Dixon.